Athra Subha lyrics Ninja in Punjabi Font
Athra Subha lyrics Ninja in Punjabi Font
March 14, 2017
Crazy ya Lyrics Jazzy B In Punjabi Font Language
Crazy Ya Lyrics Jazzy B In Punjabi Font / Language
March 15, 2017
India 2017 pdf ebook free download by Publication Division

Book Name: India 2017

Book Author: Publication Division

India 2017 is a reference annual that has been authored by experts on the board with the Publication Division of the Indian Government.

The reference book India 2017 is an authoritative compilation of the complete information about the current affairs of the country, which includes important dignitaries, public schemes, state policy, and important data related to trade, demographics, economy and others.

Being a government publication, the information presented is authentic that is also used as a reference source by researchers, media and reputed publications.

The book India 2017 is brought out on a yearly basis and updates all the data related to development in the country regularly. Information ranging from urban to rural India, art and culture, industry to infrastructure, technology and science to economy, health, defence, education and mass communication is put together. Information about national events, sports, and international events having relevance to India are also presented in this book.

The sections on Current Affairs and General Knowledge portion presented in India 2016 is one of the most authentic information source as it is officially stamped and released by government publishing house. A clear, precise and updated population table even presents the latest population estimates of the nation, for a census is only done once in a decade.

Although the book India 2017 contains much information about the working of the Government, its functioning and its various agencies, it is written in easy to understand language that is precise and updated.

Apart from being the most reliable source of information and knowledge about the workings of the Indian Government, the book India 2017 also proves to a Bible of facts and figures for those competing at the UPSC conducted examinations, be they the civil services examination (IPS, IAS etc.), Indian Military Academy, Indian Economic Services or other competitive examinations held regularly for national and state services jobs.

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